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Bilingual Social Worker (Spanish)

Do you want to make a difference in someone's life?
The social worker position works with adults with serious and persistent mental disabilities to help them restore and maintain community functioning and stability. This position involves home visits, field work, coordination of services, therapeutic interventions, and building independent living skills to help clients live in the community.

Agency Mission
Familias Unidas exists to improve wellness and self-sufficiency in Latino and other communities. We accomplish this by delivering quality mental health counseling, service advocacy, and information/ referral services.
Our programs include: mental health, social services, education and prevention, and youth development.

Program Description
This program serves adults ages 26-59 living in Contra Costa County, who are homeless, or at serious risk of homelessness, and have a severe and persistent mental illness. This is funded by the MHSA, formerly known as Proposition 63, and is intended to transform the public mental health system. This program is based on a consumer driven, culturally competent, wellness and recovery model.

Job Summary
The social worker title is Personal Services Coordinator (PSC) and he/she will provide primary support for clients; facilitate the care plan for each client; provide clinical and case management services, and will coordinate other services necessary to support the client to achieve the goals of their plan and maintain stability in the community, using clinical and case management skills .

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Collaborate with agency clinician on initial client assessment and/or perform clinical assessments.
  2. Participate in Interagency Eligibility and Resource Team meetings.
  3. Coordinate care with muldidisciplinary team and outside providers.
  4. Formulate treatment plans, conduct quarterly evaluations, and annual clinical assessments.
  5. Coordinate service provision to clients and allocation of flex funding for "whatever it takes" to help clients achieve and maintain stability in the community, i.e. housing, benefits, legal, medical, psychiatric, vocational, etc.
  6. Gather and maintain information about community resources of interest to clients/families, and provide referrals as appropriate. Outreach to service providers.
  7. Provide clinical case management services to adult clients and their support network/families as appropriate. Services are provided in the field, at clients' homes, and in the office.
  8. Report on client progress to interagency team and advocate for resources for clients.
  9. Participate in all modules of project staff training.
  10. Timely completion of all required paperwork regarding clients and services provided.
  11. Provide therapeutic support with a variety of needs including but not limited to: daily living skills, budgeting, health management, social and family relationships, transportation, and linkage and coordination of services to benefit clients.
  12. Facilitate individual in outpatient office and in the community as appropriate; facilitate group therapy and/or daily living skills building groups.
  13. Provide crisis intervention as needed, including on-call by phone after regular hours.

Minimum Qualifications
  1. Background in mental health; masters' level and BBS registration as ASW, MFTI- license eligible preferred. Bachelor's level education acceptable with minimum of 2 years of case management experience in mental health field.
  2. Experience providing clinical services to adults and families.
  3. Bilingual in Spanish.
  4. Interest in and sensitivity to people from a multiplicity of backgrounds (ethnic, religious, social class, sexual orientation, etc.), with core awareness and sensitivity to the cultures and needs of the Latino community.
  5. Positive attitude and a natural inclination to focus on strengths.
  6. Ability to develop a care plan for adult/family.
  7. Knowledge of the Contra Costa County Mental Health system.
  8. Commitment to community service.
  9. Willingness to be flexible about roles and responsibilities.
  10. Willingness to be "real" with clients/ families.
  11. Knowledge of the Contra Costa community, including leaders, CBOs, healthcare providers, and other resources etc.
  12. Experience with and/or ability in brokering services for adults and families.
  13. Current driver's license.
  14. Professionalism, good written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail, computer skills (Word, Outlook).
Compensation: dependent on experience plus on-call pay

Benefits: Familias Unidas offers comprehensive benefits including medical, and dental (additional benefits at an employee cost), vacation, holidays, sick leave, mental health leave, and a 403b annuity plan. Additionally staff is eligible to apply for the California Mental Health Loan Assumption program and may receive a grant of up to $10,000 annually towards student loans if approved.

HOW TO APPLY: Send your resume, cover letter, and references to:

Familias Unidas
Attn: Cris Stahl
205-39th Street
Richmond, CA 94805
FAX: (510) 412-0567