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How to help?

Dear Community Member:

Familias Unidas has been serving the community for 30 years! We are proud to reach this benchmark when so many vital services to the community are being depleted. Our agency provides a range of supportive counseling and prevention-oriented programs for family members of all ages (youth, adults, parents, seniors) to ensure their physical and psychological well-being.

Our programs really help people! This is Ricardo's story.

Ricardo, an 8-year boy who suffers from schizophrenia. He was failing in school and was often in trouble for his behavior and was at-risk of being expelled. Both his parents are low-income workers and are seldom home. His older sibling took care of him after-school including his two younger sisters. After entering our program, Ricardo and his family are receiving the support they need to be successful. The children are enrolled in after-school programs, the family is receiving food assistance that allows his parents to work less and spend more time at home, and Ricardo is receiving counseling and medication support to help him with his illness.

These are the stories that happen everyday at Familias Unidas. With your help, we can do more. Your tax deductible donation can go towards the following:

  • $50.00 will provide a struggling family with food assistance
  • $75.00 will sponsor an at-risk youth to attend our after-school program
  • $100.00 will sponsor parents to attend Parenting Education classes for a family in difficulty
  • $150.00 will provide a family in crisis, emergency mental health services

As you can see, your gift can help us make scarce resources go farther during these tough times. Please join us in making a difference in the lives of these youth and their families.

Best Regards,

Lorena Huerta
Executive Director

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